Private Sale

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$WEZ token has clear tokenomics and utility behind it:

  • To be used for levelling up and breeding;
  • To be used for DAO voting;
  • To be used for B2B2C promo deals access;
  • Staking and farming;
  • Stake to mint pools.

Vesting/Release Schedule

15% at token generation event (TGE), 3 months cliff and then 7.08% per month for 12 months.


Private sale: 0,0075 $; Initial DEX offering (IDO): 0,011 $; Centralized/Decentralized exchanges (CEX/DEX): 0,011 $.

Official Addresses

ETH/BNB/MATIC: 0xfBE3E2Afb310cB708D765B63542e3EeD7DB1954E

SOL/USDC: B5X2jSyKhtyXPPVAAqx58kDseXGKaTSqh2h4Q8SdygUP


Investment itself is a financial transaction and a project, a company or any other party, which receives the funds, at the same time holds the responsibility to deliver what is set and promised.

Having said that, WeSleep team:

  • Understands it and is ready to carry the responsibility for your funds;
  • Is doxxed;
  • Legally registered;
  • Has a clear token roadmap.


Every user is eligible to obtain a referral code, which is to be shared with friends, family members, relatives or any other people who might be interested in supporting the project and owning $WEZ tokens, which do not only offer certain utilities but also carry a value.

Referral code can be provided by the team under such conditions:

  • Sleepy Head - 7% *
  • OG - 6% *
  • General Community Member - 5% *

* Bonus in tokens of the amount invested.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the questionnaire (https://my.forms.app/wesleep/private-sale)
  2. WeSleep team will review your answers and get back to you within 24 hours.
  3. Choose the package
  4. Discuss the conditions and receive an allocation

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